Tennessee Gas Pipeline through Mass Resources
Here are a few files and links to get you up to speed on this issue. It's hard to keep the website up to date and be acting on these things so bare with me.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline is looking to build a new gasline from the New York border to Dracut, Massachusetts. There's a lot of economics involved as well, but herea are some of the basic links to sites which can educate you about this issue. I would start with Mass PipeLine Awareness Network and then look into the rest.

Kinder Morgan's Presentation of the Project FERC's "Gasline on My Land - What do I Need to Know
Good Poster to look at closely
Volunteer based Observations to understand the Growth, Persistence and Removal of Rock Snot Blooms

Kinder Morgan's Website on the Project
Fed Energy Reg Commission (FERC) Documents maybe useful
Mass PipeLine Awareness Network
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