Current Projects


Buzzards Bay Dam Removal Temporary collection
Developing a supportive response to changing regs of dam removals in MA. Good changes to streamline the permit process but concerned others' responses may not be supportive.


MA DER River Restoration Projects
Hopewell Dam Removal Taunton
Wekepeke Project


RI DEM Riparian Restoration
Woonasquatucket River Riparian Buffer Project
RI Save the Bay Dam Removal
RI Save the Bay Projects
Pawtuxet Falls Dam Removal

Issues - These still being consolidated

Aquatic Invasives
Stream Flows
Water Quality
Road Construction/Stabilization

Project Resources

MA Statewide Offices

MA Div of Ecological Restoration
MA DER Dam Removal
MA DER River Continuity
EPA - Wetlands
EPA Monitoring Program - Data sharing documents
Mass. Division of Fisheries and Wildlife
MIT Sea Grant Coastal Resources
MA Office of Coastal Zone Mgmt
MA Dept Conservation and Recreation
MA Association of Con Comms

RI Statewide Offices

RI Bays, Rivers and Watersheds Coordination Team
RI DEM DFW Freshwater Fisheries
RI DEM Off of Water Resources
RI DEM Sustainable Watersheds Office
RI Stream Flows (ok it's not a state thing)
RI Designate Trout Waters


RI DEM Grants
RI DEM Riparian Restoration Grants Fact Sheet
RI DEM Financial Assistance
URI Coastal Habitat Funding


RBPs for Use in Streams and Wadeable Rivers
Resources for Water monitoring
Stream Study Procedures
Stream Crossing Handbook
Stream crossing guidelines
Stream survey methods
RI DEM Standard Op Procedures Water Testing
Understanding Adopt-A-Stream Shoreline Survey:
Invertebrates and fish Protocols
River continuity datasheets
EPA- Technical Guidance for Water Quality Monitoring
Technical info
UMass Water Resource Research Center

Macroinvertebrate Info

Macroinvertebrate ID Key
stream macroinvertebrate Form
Guide to Freshwater Invertebrates
Practice IDing Macroinverts


EPA's Surf Your Watershed
River fact sheets
Hydrograph and station description
Watershed Academy: Information Transfer Series
Massachusetts Adopt-A-Stream: Web links
Good Water Links

GIS Data sources

Gateway to GIS Resources
Digital Data Products Services
Sam Wormley's GPS Resources at ISU
GPSy (TM) -- Digital Map Library
GPS Information - Software,Hardware Reviews
Clarklabs GIS links
ESRI Schools and Libraries Program
ESRI - GIS Jump Station
VGIS - Data Warehouse
Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial Data
MassGIS - Table of Contents
USGS Topo Maps Maptech Marine Navigation NOAA Nautical Charts
USGS National Mapping Info

General Information

Global Learning Obs Benefit the Env
EMAP Data sharing documents
Basic Science and Remote Sensing Initiative
Fish Consumption Advisories
River and Stream Water Quality Model (QUAL2K)
STORET (short for STOrage and RETrieval) Data Warehouse
water quality, biological, physical data
EPA - Databases/Software

Aerial maps/photos

Microsoft Expedia Maps - Home
Nat. Image and Mapping Agency
Nat. Imaging and Mapping Resources
Landsat Program
Midas Landsat Service
GSFC Landsat Gateway
Earth and Moon Viewer
Earth Viewer: View from Satellite
EROS Satellite home page
Description of Satellite data
Satellite Images
EarthRISE Topographical World Map
Welcome to TerraServer
USGS Aerial Survey Site links
Earth Surface texture
NASA images/software/movies
Aerial Archive - Welcome
Aerial Photo & Satellite Imagery
SSEC- GOES Pathfinder
Satellite Images

Groups and Associations

Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture
Sea-Run Brook Trout Coallition

MA Watershed Associations

MA Watershed Coallition
Hoosic River Watershed Association
Housatonic Valley Association
Housatonic River Initiative
Deerfield River Watershed Association
Westfield River Watershed Association
CT River Watershed Council
Millers River Watershed Council
Nashua River Watershed Association
Blackstone River Coalition
Sudbury, Assabet, Concord Wild and Scenic River Stewardship Council
Org. for the Assabet, Sudbury, and Concord Rivers
Sudbury, Assabet, Concord Watershed Community Council
Merrimack River Watershed Council
Parker River Clean Water Association
Ipswich River Watershed Association
Shawsheen River Watershed Association
Saugus River Watershed Council
Mystic River Watershed Association
Charles River Watershed Association
Neponset River Watershed Association
Ten Mile River Watershed Alliance
Taunton River Watershed Alliance
Eel River Watershed Association
Hop Brook Protection Association
Jones River Watershed Association
North and South Rivers Watershed Association
Weir River Watershed Association
Westport River watershed Alliance
Monponsett Watershed Association

RI Watershed Ass.

Blackstone River Watershed Ass.
Buckeye Brook Coalition
Narrow River Preservation Society
Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council
Friends of the Hunt River Watershed
Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association
RI Rivers Council
Friends of the Moshassuck
Kickemuit River Council
Pawtuxet River Authority & Watershed Council
Salt Ponds Coalition
Saugatucket River Heritage Corridor Coalition
Taunton River Watershed Alliance
Ten Mile River Watershed Council

International Didymo Conference Info

Conference Presentations

Aunins - Genomic characterization of D. geminata : current progress and future directions
Bach - The effects of disturbance and nutrient addition on a pehriphyton community dominated by D. geminata
Deeter - Kenote Speaker
Gillis - Impact of D.geminata presence on juvenile Atlantic salmon: A project overview
Kilroy - Plenary Speaker: Didymosphenia geminata : an extraordinary organism
Klauda - Didymo infestation in Maryland, USA: A state agency's reactions, responses and results
Kuhajek - Laboratory-based experiments to investigate didymo distribution patterns in New Zealand
Montecino - On the biogeography of D. geminata in Chile: niche requirements and potential habitats
Nelson - Identification, enumeration and measuring cell dimensions of D. geminata using an imaging particle analyzer (FlowCAM)
Pillsbury- Are the recent blooms of D. geminata in Lake Superior (USA) caused by an aggressive strain on environmental changes?
Richardson- Spatial distribution and ecosystem effects of a nuisance, bloom-forming diatom ( D. geminata ) in Catskill Mountain streams, New York
Sanson and Gerbeaux - D.geminata in New Zealand:an update on current managment and research approaches
Spaulding - Paleolimnological records of Didymosphenia geminata in North America
Sundareshwar - Does sulfation of Didymo stalks facilitate iron adsorption and phosphorus concentration in mats?
VanPatten - Missouri's proactive approach to didymo
Zarnetske - Integrating invasion history with environment to model D. geminata hotspots across New Zealand

Conference Posters

Gillis - Volunteer based observations to understand the growth, persistence and removal of rock snot blooms
Hanna - Statewide occurrence and seasonal abundance patterns for didymo in Maryland waters
Khan-Bureau - Monitoring the distribution of D. geminata found in the Connecticut River and its tributaries
Klauda - An inexpensive, easy to build stream-side wash station for cleaning wading boots
Root - Controlling didymo:effective decontamination strategies and recommendations for public outreach
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