Ballou Dam, Becket Nov. 2005 After Ballou Dam Removal, Yokum Brook, Becket Dec. 2006
Here you can find articles related to our work with trout and cold water conservation. If you have more to share please send them along to Burns email
not necessarily accurate but cute
River Quotes
NRCS Rainbow trout
MA Brookies Cons Strat 07
Brook Trout in Mass.
Bait minnows bad news for trout Fish Migrate to Escape predators trout response to habitat management
Trout stream management in Utah Desccription of 45 trout streams 2006 MA Coldwater Fisheries Rivers
Clean Water Act Special Report Impact of Culverts on Fish
Deerfield River Dam and Ferc Info Deerfield #5 Dam Info
Deerfield FERC Brief
97 Deerfield #5 Dam FERC Agreement
96 Deerfield FERC Env Impact Stmnt
Deerfield Action Plan Final Draft04
Deerfield Assessment 04
FERC Brochure
Impact of Drugs on Fish Mood
MA Fish and Mercury
Prevent Whirling Disease
Green River Fish Passage Restoration
Stream Rehab Effects on Nongame Fish
MA Cons Restri Handbook
MA Conserv Restrictions
MA 09 EOEA Land Report
09 Nat Resource Monitoring of MA DCR Lands
09 Wild and Scenic Study on the Farmington
Pocono Watershed Ecology Study (PA)
Lake Watershed Action guide
Lake Survey Appendix
Lake Watershed Survey forms
Protocols - Just to get you started Mass Waterwatch Partnership
Very helpful basic site but old.

EPA Protocol Info

EPA Protocols

Brighteners - Using dyes to detect failing septic systems
Old Berkshire Mill Dam, Housatonic River, Dalton, prior to removal in 2000
After dam removal, Housatonic River, 2005

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