The Environmental Committee of the MA-RI TU Council is a new structure to serve as a resource for local chapters in identifying and undertaking projects to improve the waters throughout our region. You might think of this as a library of websites, articles, and protocols from which everyone can draw from. As we are a volunteer based organization, we do our best to keep ths site up to date and encourage you to contribute items of interest and resources.
Basically, as a volunteer-based organization, we draw from our constituency the resources to carry out projects in coldwater stream conservation. Part of that is all the background homework involved in carrying out one of these projects . I happen to have the ability to write web pages and have the background such that I have a lot of these resources already acrued. In addition, I have the passion and motivation.
What Can I Do For You?
Currently, I am a botanist with New England Wild Flower Society, based out of Garden in the Woods in Framingham, MA, but work in native plant conservation all over New England. The past 30 years, I have lived between Vermont and western Mass and have continuously been involved in watershed work with associations and state agencies. I also love to hit the Cape and Rhode Island for stripers from a kayak.
Here is a list of some of the things I have done and you could do in your watershed:
  • electroshock sampling
  • macroinvertebrate studies
  • invasive plant inventory
  • fish red surveys
  • salmon stocking
  • culverts inventories
  • shoreline surveys
  • dam removal
  • water sampling
I am a board member of the Taconic TU Chapter and live in the Boston area. My work takes me all over New England and so I get to fish a lot of places and know the geography real well. I intend to offer what I can to the Council and see this website and committee as a group effort with your input welcomed, appreciated, and expected.
John Burns
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John Burns Profile

I've been a nature nut since I was a kid. Started fishing when I was 3 and could even have a hook on if dad was around. I was fly fishing by 9 and had already fished my way across the country and Canada by the end of that summer. Professionally, I'm a botanist, but for years have been involved in electrofishing, macroinvetebrate sampling, shoreline surveys, dam removal, bank stabilization, culvert inventory, water sampling, and tagging of fish. The rods stay in the car year round and you can find me in just about anywhere in the state.
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