In the summer 2018 issue of Trout magazine, TU president Chris Wood acknowledged the dedicated work of Southeast Mass. TU Chapter member Warren Winder with this praise:

“’What do you do best’ made me think of Warren Winder, a TU volunteer in Massachusetts, who has used his stick-to-itiveness, humility and gentle touch to advance the cause of recovery for salter brook trout—a remarkable, little-studied fish that occupies both fresh and saltwater habitat from Long Island to Maine. Warren negotiates a thicket of egos and personalities with quiet grace and has done as much as anyone to advance the recovery of this cool fish.”

This is not the first time Warren and the Red Brook Salter Program has been written about in Trout . But this is the first time Warren, the man, has been written about with such warmth and adulation. Congratulations to Warren for his years of unwavering work on behalf of salter brook trout that has brought him such well-deserved recognition.