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December MA / TU Council Meeting Dec 7, 2008 >> Details

ACTION ALERT: Water Conservation Issues Need Your Help

Read up on the an important hearing on the need for a moratorium on permits from the bottled water industry, pending a comprehensive assessment of the public needs for water resources, and the current status of water in Massachusetts

: State House, Boston, November 6 at 1:00 p.m. in hearing room A-2 before the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture
>> Read more here

The Fall Crop of Newsletters is in with Naragansett, Central Mass, Taconic and Pioneer Valley heard from (here) - Chapter Leaders - please send them along as you can!


The Greater Boston Chapter ( has some good stuff going on. They'll be needing volunteers to do stream surveying in the Sawsheen and Assabet River and tributaries to identify wild trout and salmon habitat. >>Read more here.

GBTU's newsletter also calls to attention the presence of Didymo in NH and VT streams.

Read more: New Hampshire Didymo | Vermont Didymo


Sept 10 , 2008 - TU, Mass Riverways and TTOR to Remove Second of 4 Dams from Red Brook :

Red Brook Habitat Restoration Continues With Dam Removal, Phase two underway for overall restoration of coldwater stream – home to one of the last native sea-run brook trout populations in Massachusetts >>More

Also view these pages and pictures on Mass Riverways and our page showing the before and after dam removal >> More

July 31, 2008 - Mass Environmental Bond Bill Passes House and Senate >> More

Paul Knauth (Taconic Chapter) named Berkshire County League Sportsman of the Year >> More

Read Excerpts from the Environmental Bond Bill that passed in July 2008 >>More

ead about TU Dam Removal Projects in Western MA >> Dam Removal

Fly fishermen may remember 2007 as the year the invasive algae known as 'rock-snot' showed up in US waters.
Let's hope it doesn't make into Massachusetts / Rhode Island!! >> Didymo

Dec 07 - TU Council Votes to Fund Trout Radio Frequency Tagging Project >> PIT Tagging Research

Progress on the Plymouth Eel River Restoration Project  >> Eel River Report

Read up on the doings of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture >>More

TU's Anglers Guide to Trout Fishing in Massachusetts makes a great gift for anyone who loves fly fishing!

Read more about the book here ... >>Anglers Guide to Trout Fishing in Massachusetts

Want to learn more about fly fishing, or get a touch up on your fly casting or fly tying techniques?

Come to a meeting! TU Meetings are listed >>Local MA / RI / TU Chapters

Some chapters feature free fly tying classes as a part of their regular meeting.


The Council, Pioneer and Taconic Chapters and TU National are closely watching the biomass wood burning power plant being proposed along the banks of the Westfield River in Russell. Meetings have been attended and letters have been sent to MEPA expressing our concerns dealing with the 850,000 water withdrawal out of the river.

Read updates from The Concerned Citizens of Russel about this critical issue.workdaycolor.gif

Read TU's Excellent report on The New England Brook Trout, Protecting a Fish, Restoring a Region here.
The Council is taking a serious look at the Trout in the Classroom (TIC) program which TU national is endorsing. Expect to see more about TIC in local schools in Massachusetts soon!

There are Embrace-a-Stream (EAS) projects going on all over the state, and much, much more.    

The Council welcomes a new chapter based in Northern Rhode Island. View their site >>here

The Narragansett Chapter is busy working on projects on the Wood-Pawcatuk River. View their projects >> here

Check out Casting For Recovery which ran again this summer.  >>Click here for more...

Again this year, Mass/RI Council of TU sponsored the Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) program in conjunction with Mass Wildlife. There are openings available. For more information, you should check out the website as there is too much info on different programs and outings to be published here. Your contact body is Roger Moore. Címon us what you got !!!!!

The Angler Education Program (AEP) has several components designed to foster public appreciation and understanding of our aquatic resources. The main components of the program are: 

                 family fishing festivals                                    freshwater fishing clinics
                 basic freshwater fishing classes                        basic ice fishing clinics

Volunteer instructors, in Workshop Groups across the state, teach people of all ages about fish, fishing and the value of aquatic resources. The program's main goal is to stimulate public interest in our aquatic outdoors, through participation in sport fishing. Co-sponsored by MA/RI Council of Trout Unlimited. Contact Jim Lagacy, Program Coordinator at 508/792-7270 or email him at  Click on MassWildlife Calendar for a current schedule.

Pioneer Valley Doings:

Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has approached the Council for help with working with inner city kids.

Pioneer Valley Chapter has been approached by the Nature Conservancy for possible partnership on the Westfield river.

Pioneer Valley also has permits to remove dam/rocks on the Swift river below RT 9.

(above mostly from Gene Chaugue, Taconic Chapter and Council Chair.  Apologies for materials lifted from Pioneer, SE Mass and other newsletters!) 

>> Click Here for more from Gene...

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